Gareth Kennedy

data all-rounder and computational scientist


About me

A data all-rounder engaged in bringing ideas with strong business value through to deployment.

Deep technical background with over a decade’s experience in cutting edge predictive analytics, mathematics, machine learning, statistical analysis and high-performance computing. I've consulted and lead data science teams to complete projects for academia, start-ups, mid and large-sized companies.

Public speaker on the ethics of AI under the European and Chinese data privacy models, applications of data science, astrophysics and solving complex dynamical systems. Effective communication skills gained from experience with C-suite, technical, academic and non-expert audiences while working in Australia, Spain and China.

Photo taken at a TEDx outreach talk I gave in April 2015 in Beijing entitled "Chaos. Order. Beauty".

Public domain highlights

• While spending half of the last decade in China I looked a lot at (sometimes even through) air pollution. Beijing AQI levels were turned into movies and formed the basis of a statistical analysis which included weather effects covering the years from 2008 to 2015.
• My Ph.D. thesis submitted in 2008 entitled "Problems in stellar and planetary dynamics", under the supervision of Dr. Rosemary Mardling at the Centre for Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics (now Monash Centre for Astrophysics) at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. It is available as a summary and in its complete form.
• Running for politics on a climate change platform in the 2002 Victorian State Election.
• Over the years I've done some oil painting, although not as many as I'd have liked recently...

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